Here is a huge selection of wonderful EMF Protection Products to keep you safe!  We strive to offer products that really work to protect you from electromagnetic radiation. In addition, you can save money when you put in our code “emfinspect” at checkout for a nice discount on most of these great items.

We would be happy to test any sources of EMFs for you. Futhermore, we can check the EMF protection products you are using to see if they are truly effective. Most Importantly, make sure to  schedule your own personal inspection to get a professional safety check and for specific advice on using these great products.

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Cell Phones are powerful and dangerous sources of  EMF Radiation! Most people hold them to their heads, unaware of the radiation shooting into their brains. Because of this harmful radiation a person should use EMF protection products to be safe. It is best to use a corded headset, a corded handset, or corded earbuds for talking on the phone.  In addition, you should shield your body by using a holster or case if you keep you phone in your pocket. Equally important, for the times you must bring in to your head, you can purchase a  Cruz Case to be protected. Put in our code “emfinspect” at check out for a nice discount on all these items at

Dirty Electricity EMF Protection Products

Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters significantly reduce the amount of Dirty Electricity  present on the wiring in buildings.  As a result, with less dirty electricity flowing along your building wires, then less that will radiate into your environment. These filters plug directly into electrical outlets and power strips and they deploy state-of-the-art electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering technology to keep you safe. Consequently,  you can be certain and be safer with Greenwave Filters in your home or business.  Enter the code “emfinspect” at checkout for a discount on all their products.

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Whole House Dirty Electricity Filters

POWER PERFECT BOX: The Power Perfect Box is an amazing way to filter dirty electricity coming from the utility company in addition to your own home. Besides that, it will also save you money on your electric bill and give you surge protection, too. Call or email for more information and pricing. We can help you receive a large discount on these fantastic whole house filters! Call 651-230-9429 or email

EMF Meters & Inspections

Meters are a great way to check your home or work environment for hotspots. This will give you a general idea of what areas need help or remediation.  However, we still strongly recommend having an EMF Inspection because a trained EMF Inspector can find problems you miss. We always discover danger areas in every place we test. Plus, every situation  is different and we know how to find and fix your EMF radiation problems.

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Meter Sale!

We have a great selection of EMF Meters available for you. You can receive a nice discount by putting in our discount code “emfinspect” for any of these fine EMF meters or all the other great items at the safe living site. The extremely accurate Gigahertz Solutions EMF Meters are backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

HF35C EMF MetersME38B EMF Meters





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Smart Meters are being installed almost everywhere! They can be on  your electric, water, or gas meters. Furthermore, many appliances are smart appliances that emit dangerous RF radiation into your home. Above all, have your smart meters tested and shielded if necessary!

Click here for Baby Protection
Order EMF Protection Products Baby ProtectionOrder EMF Protection Products

With the rise in autism, pregnant women should take every precaution with their developing unborn child. Truly, they should protect themselves as much as possible. For this reason, protective clothing, a belly band,  a blanket or a laptop shield would be very beneficial. Be sure to use the code “emfinspect” for your discount.

Click here for Baby Monitor Shields
Baby Monitor Shield

Our precious little ones are much more susceptible to the dangers of EMFs. In fact, their little heads do not have as much protection as adults. Because baby monitors are strong emitters of radiation, people need emf protection products to be safe from this dangerous radiation. Likewise, power lines can be dangerous and have been linked to childhood leukemia. In the same way, WIFI radiation in schools has adversely affected many children.  We can test baby monitors, power lines, or schools and give safety recommendations to protect our precious children. Use the code “emfinspect” for a discount.

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Bed Canopy Swiss Shield Daylite. *Enter our code “emfinspect” for great savings on Bed Canopies!


Swiss Shield Naturell Bed Canopy.  *Enter our code “emfinspect” for great savings on Bed Canopies!

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Laptops are not for laps! EMFs can cause infertility and damage reproductive capability. Protect yourself today. Code “emfinspect” for discount.

Water Purifiers